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Have you got a chipped or broken denture tooth?

Don’t worry, Mobile Denture Repair provides a denture tooth repair and replacement service to our customers. Based in Romford, we serve customers throughout London and Essex.

Broken and chipped tooth repairs

We understand that, for our customer who wear dentures, a chipped or broken denture tooth is a serious matter that requires prompt repair. Dentures go through a lot of wear and tear, so damage happens - where natural teeth made from strong enamel, denture teeth are not as strong and are prone to breaking or chipping. From eating hard foods to dropping your dentures in the sink or on the floor, there are many ways a tooth can be chipped or break off. When that happens, it can have a significant impact on your ability to chew and speak. The bite of the dentures will also become compromised and may cause discomfort. This is why it’s important to find the right experts to repair or replace the denture tooth for you in the right way.

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Call now on 07957 719377 

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Call now on 07957 719377 

Avoid home denture repair kits!

We highly recommend that you do not try to fix your denture tooth at home! While you may be tempted to use a strong glue, it’s vital to understand that many of these glues are water-soluble, which means the glue will dissolve once you start wearing the denture again. In addition to this, some of the glues that come in home denture repair kits are not meant to be used in the mouth.


A final point about these repair kits is that the repairs do not last as long as a professional job, and can actually make it harder for a dental technician to affect a lasting repair, as the home repair can cause further damage, and excess glue can build up on the denture and become hard or impossible to remove. In short, a home repair could mean a whole new denture – is it really worth it?

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What our clients say

“Used today and what a great service. would definitely recommend. Fast and safe. Thank you.”

Tony – Facebook review

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Based in Romford, Mobile Denture Repair is the team you need if you have a broken denture tooth! Our team can provide you with a fast and effective repair from our mobile dental lab.

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