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Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures, and Mobile Denture Repair are experts. Based in Romford, we offer a mobile service across London and beyond.

Quality flexible dentures

Are you getting dentures for the first time, or thinking about replacing your traditional dentures with an alternative? A flexible denture is a type of partial denture, and like removable partials, they are designed to replace either a single missing tooth or a small number of them. It uses a different material that can be used to make a thinner, more flexible base that’s sits tightly against your gums, making it a very comfortable and natural looking option.


We can come to you, get the information we need, then design and make flexible dentures for you in our mobile dental lab. With a team of expert dental technicians on the job, you can be confident of getting a great, properly fitted denture.

FLEXIBLE denture

Call now on 07957 719377 

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Call now on 07957 719377 

About flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are made from an ultra-thin and flexible thermoplastic material, such as nylon, which is unlikely to trigger allergies, and is comfortable to use. It is designed to stick to gum tissue naturally, holding it in place without the need for metal clasps or adhesives, and the flexible nature of the denture means that it can move with your mouth, staying in place while you talk and eat. Flexible dentures do not rub or irritate the gum, they can be colour matched to your natural gum, and the lack of metal clasps makes them much less obvious. It is important to note that flexible dentures are more prone to bacteria build-up, so properly cleaning is paramount. They are also slightly more fragile than standard dentures, and should be handled with care when not in use.

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What our clients say

“Just amazing service, he will put you first every time. He has 45 years of experience, and you can tell he knows how to listen to the customer he has saved me many times as I am house bound.”

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Romford-based Mobile Denture Repair can design and make perfectly fitting flexible dentures. We offer a mobile service in the comfort of your own home, covering all of London.

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