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Broken denture advice

Get the right advice from the team at Romford-based Mobile Denture Repair. We’re denture repair specialists and we cover all of London and the surrounding area.

Minimising the risk

Dentures are designed to last. They’re durable and strong, and don’t break easily, but it can happen. The most common cause of damage to dentures, other than wear and tear, is dropping them while removing them. We recommend minimising the risk of breakage by laying a folded towel on the surface in front of you to cushion the impact should you drop them. If you remove your dentures over your sink, we suggest half filling it with water.


If the worst happens, however, we can help. Carefully gather the pieces together, and put them somewhere clean and safe, ready for repair. Contact our team promptly and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible to complete the repair.

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Call now on 07957 719377 

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Call now on 07957 719377 

How we can help with broken dentures

When a plate has broken, we can fix it by using acrylic to bond the pieces together again. For chipped or broken teeth, we will remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a new one that is colour matched to the others. Most repairs are completed within an hour, and we’re always happy to offer a same day service. Please do not try a temporary fix at home – this will make it harder for us to affect a complete repair and can damage the denture further. Sharp edges can also hurt you should you try to use your denture without professional repairs.

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What our clients say

“A delightful man who repaired my denture very well. After his work - adding a tooth to existing denture - the results were extremely comfortable and presented no problems whatsoever. He made every effort to ensure that this client was happy (and I was!) and in addition charged an affordable and non- excessive rate (a relief). Thank you Sandy!”

Marie – Google review

Contact Us

Don’t let broken dentures spoil your day – the team at Mobile Denture Repair in Romford offer a same day mobile repair service across London and beyond.

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