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Is it time for replacement dentures?

If you’re considering replacement dentures, take a moment to read the advice our advice. Mobile Denture Repair offers denture repairs across London and beyond.

When to get replacement dentures

Dentists recommended getting new dentures every 5-8 years, but this can vary for many reasons. For example, wear and tear, changes to your mouth, the number of repairs that have been required, and a range of other factors could all have an effect. Often, we find that there’s something we can do to avoid the need to replace a set of dentures. Damaged dentures can be repaired, loose dentures can be relined – in fact, you’d be surprised at how much we can do to extend the life of your dentures! If you’d like more information about what we can do, please get in touch with the team today.

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Call now on 07957 719377 

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Call now on 07957 719377 

Replacement denture advice

If you do need to replace your dentures, it’s a great opportunity to make sure that you’ve chosen the best options for you – after all, a lot may have changed in the field since you got your last set! No matter what you choose, you may find it takes time to adjust to the new set – they will feel different. It’s important to keep up your old cleaning and hygiene routine in order to keep your new dentures in great condition. If you’re finding it more difficult to eat or speak with your new dentures, this is normal – for eating, start with small pieces of soft foods, and for speaking, just practise! You’ll soon find that you’ve adapted to your new dentures and are able to carry on as normal.

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What our clients say

“Very impressed with this service. Came the same day and had my father's shattered dentures looking like new within 45 minutes. Would definitely use again. Very polite and friendly.”

Jeremy – Facebook review

Contact Us

If you think you may need replacement dentures, Mobile Denture Repair may be able to help keep your current set fit for purpose. Call us in Romford. We serve London and beyond.

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