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Tooth extractions

If you wear a partial denture and require a tooth extraction, Romford-based Mobile Denture Repair can add a new tooth to your denture. We offer a mobile service across London and beyond.

Filling the gap

It can be a source of frustration when you need to have a tooth extracted by the dentist, and this is even more the case when you already wear a partial denture. Many of our clients worry that they need to have a complete replacement denture manufactured, but this normally isn’t the case. We are able to manufacture a replacement tooth that is colour matched to your real teeth, and existing false teeth, and add it to your denture, filling the new gap.


By getting our team to add a replacement tooth to your existing denture, you avoid the expense of a new appliance, as well as the inconvenience of having to get used to a new denture. Adding a tooth is quick, simple, and effective. Get in touch to learn more.

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Call now on 07957 719377 

Replacing broken teeth

Have you broken a tooth on your denture? A chipped, cracked or broken tooth is relatively rare, but when it happens it can be a significant problem for a denture wearer. It can have an impact on your ability to eat or speak, as well as making you feel self-conscious. If you’ve broken one of the teeth in your denture, get in touch with our expert team, and we’ll make it right. We have the expertise required to carefully remove the damaged tooth, manufacture a replacement for it, and fix it in place, ensuring that your denture is back in perfect condition quickly and simply. Based in Romford, our service is available throughout London and the surrounding areas, and we’re able to make appointments 24/7 – get in touch today to book an appointment with the team at a time that suits you.

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What our clients say

“Excellent service. Fast, efficient, friendly and reasonable cost.”

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You’re in safe hands when you choose Mobile Denture Repair to add to your denture after a tooth extraction. Based in Romford, we fix dentures right across London and beyond.

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